About me

Gennadiy Pokotylo

1989 Graduated from The National Academy of Art and Architecture, First graduate to major in both book graphics and poster design.

1988-1990 Taught composition and drawing at children’s art school.

1986-1995 Took part in national and international exhibitions.

1994 Gennadiy Pokotylo’s poster “Небезпечний сніданок” won first place in international competition devoted to the world AIDS awareness year (40 countries took part)

Gennadiy Pokotylo’s works can be found in private collections in 18 countries of the world.

All kind of rumours about the artist. One of the most incredible ones is that Gennadiy Pokotylo is really an alias, and there are several artists working under this pseudonym. The fact that Gennadiy Pokotylo has, over the years,produced a great number of works in a variety of different artistic mediums fuels these rumours.

Another powerful source of gossip is the artist’s notorious reputation for being a troublemaker and a foul-mouthed ruffian; the latter, coupled with his strange appearance, completes the portrait of the artist. He goes to the bottom of things in search of his own Atlantis, and then surfacing abruptly, with a splash, he creates waves of passions and guesswork around his persona. One is more likely to picture him clad in army fatigues sitting on top of a dust-covered armoured truck than standing brush in hand in a quiet studio in Kiev. But that is only a passing image conjured up by chance or deliberately by the theme of war. Have you noticed how war has become an inseparable part of our daily existence recently? That is the terror of war which is immune to the sword and the fire.

Gennadiy Pokotylo’s paintings, together with his poetry, serve the main purpose of art – to stir emotions. Often controversial ones – serenity or anxiety,anger which leads to pity, tenderness behind the pain. Anyone can become part of the artist’s inner world; it could be a passerby who happens to arrest the painter’s gaze, or an African boy from another life, a delicate girl in a hat or a maple leaf stuck to a drainpipe.

The present website reveals a little of the artist’s soul, that of a brutal romantic. The lack of monosemy in his images, his total scorn for stupid docility and paucity of imagination, and, above all, the author’s defiance generate art capable of making this world a tiny bit better.

Irina Vinokur